The deputies of the Tyumen regional Duma: For the salvation of the Russian economy needs to print money and to open new production

The deputies of the Tyumen regional Duma: For the salvation of the Russian economy needs to print money and to open new productionToday, 12 January, when Russia ended a long new year's weekend and all started to work, the price of oil once again showed a new low, comparable to 2009: a barrel of oil is now worth less than 50 dollars, or more precisely 48,68 dollars. And this despite the fact that the Russian budget for this year and the next two laid the price of oil at $ 100 per barrel. What to do at these prices for "black gold" and what is the salvation of the Russian budget and the economy, the reporter told the deputies of the Tyumen regional Duma.Interviewed parliamentarians believe that even with a further reduction in oil prices, the Russian economy will withstand the blows of the economic war, and the Russians, who are used to difficulties in the 90-ies, "survive". Only - you will need to moderate their appetites. According to the deputies, to do this would oligarchs."Oil was worth $ 12 and we lived at these prices, I think we now live. Oil revenues we do not receive. The most significant part of export revenues collected by the oligarchs. In all the countries oil and gas company owned by the state, and we are commercial. Will we live to 50, and $ 36 per barrel. Here is what the oligarchs will do that is another question," said the Deputy of the Tyumen regional Duma Vladimir Chernishev."Was the price and $ 8 per barrel, and when he was 20 and above, some people healed rich, but now they have now our appetites. You need to understand: where does the money go that were above $ 20?" - said the Deputy Chairman of the Tyumen regional Duma Vladimir Sysoev.Member of the Tyumen regional Duma Sergey Kozlov said the correspondent , that, most likely, oil prices will soon stabilize."Lived and when the price of 12 and below dollars per barrel, but it's all short-lived phenomenon, because today there are reports that shale gas companies in the US go bankrupt. While this is only company outsiders, but they are in bankruptcy. The process will continue, but not for long. We survive, we are all for it. But here it is important that the media was not overblown panic. In all other respects we stand. My personal opinion is that by the spring weary to fight with us. Common sense will prevail, and he suggests that we would be more beneficial to cooperate," he said.Despite different political affiliation, parliamentarians agreed that you should do first, what is the salvation of the Russian economy. Deputies believe that it is necessary to open new plants, invest in production (which, by the way, betting guide Tyumen region), and to reduce interest rates on loans and start printing money."We needed last year to accept mobilization measures and to invest in the economy, but only in production: machinery, tank building, basic industries. I'm not even talking about agriculture. Practices such we passed. Need to increase the money supply in the country and not be afraid of inflation, which is already crazy. The whole system of measures should be. When was the default of 1998, we for 8 months has lifted the economy. But what then did: prohibited financial transactions in dollars, froze rates for all forced banks to give loans at 2-3%. And for 8 months of the economy rose by 9%. Now the President has decided to help the financial system, gave money to the banks. In 2008 it was also, as banks have taken the money and moved abroad", - said Vladimir Chernishev.Vladimir Sysoev also suggested that "the printing press". In addition, according to him, the urgent need to stem the outflow of capital from the country."The only way out of this situation is to turn on the printing press to print money. And this, despite the eternal sayings Kudrin, who tried to fight inflation, the result is what we came today: actually no real implemented investment projects that would create jobs, would give the country an extension product, and taxes. Unfortunately, these can be counted on the fingers, and under these conditions can only print money," said Sysoev.According to the parliamentarian, the money should be directed not to support financial institutions, as is done now, and on the creation and opening of new production facilities. The attachment can be in any industry, the main thing that ultimately was derived product, which will then pay taxes and create jobs."In every crisis there is always a question of employment. The public sector produces nothing. The country needs jobs with high added value. Over this need to work. Need to print money that should be spent on major investment projects. Major construction projects consume the ruble, not driving inflation, create jobs and forever leave a big industry for future generations. We now capitalisim banks are those things that give nothing to the economy", - said the Vice-speaker.The MP believes that the urgent need to assist small businesses that may suffer most of all in today's environment."Loans, in my opinion, today it is necessary to distribute free of charge in the industry, small business. Tomorrow we small businesses do not remain. They have revenues fell because of the growing poor population. Today people think, how to pay for the mortgage, to repay the loan for the vehicle, consumer credit, and then what to eat. And then penny he can refer for additional services. The problem is very serious. Small businesses generally should be exempt from taxes. They must carry the same load is to save jobs," concluded Sysoev.Deputy Sergey Kozlov same opinion. According to him, the us government followed the way of budget cuts and spending, at that time, "when we have to give money to the people.".

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