Under the Kopeisk 45 private homes flooded with sewage because of the communal accident in new residential

Under the Kopeisk 45 private homes flooded with sewage because of the communal accident in new residentialPrivate households Kopeysk village HR flooded with sewage due to breakthrough of the collector, which occurred as a result of connecting networks in the new district. The villagers more than a month, I suffered until the authorities decided on the construction of the temporary plastic pipe at an emergency site.As reported in the regional Ministry of environment, local residents HR complained of prolonged flooding of their homes sewer water. The inspection found that sewage waste water coming into the village from the partially destroyed sewer, located 5 km from the affected locality."The accident at the collector was because of the connection of the Sewerage networks from the new district "Tpical" to trunk sewers, because of the volume entering the collector drains exceeded its maximum throughput. Due to excess pressure of the collapsed section of the collector, and, as a consequence, began spilling sewage into the landscape," said the Ministry.According to the Ministry of environment of the Chelyabinsk region, in the area of flooding was 45 houses. Reviewers also recorded the hit of untreated sewage into lake Charlady.The Ministry organized the sampling of water from the lake, the results of which will be calculated damage to the reservoir. The Ministry said that the longer untreated sewage will pollute the water, the greater will be the amount of the claim to compensation.

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