Article Perm human rights activist Raman Yushkova "Hysteria in the Pugachev" declared extremist

Article Perm human rights activist Raman Yushkova Today, January 30, hosted the announcement of the verdict Perm human rights activist Raman Yushkova (see photo)."The material is recognized as extremist. Requirements Prosecutor is satisfied in full. The decision politically engaged, unfair humanly and legally completely inaudible sound, because this is a civil case is created from pieces of a criminal case that unlawfully were ndergone from there. It's all in court today surfaced," he told himself Roman Yushkov.He added that he will appeal the decision. But, according to him, this is a civil solution would be prejudicial significance for the criminal case. In a criminal case he now, in his own words, waiting for a guilty verdict. This, according to him, it is obvious even though the judgment delivered today, not yet entered into force."According to the court, the material is considered to be extremist, included in the Federal list of extremist materials of the Ministry of justice. The circulation of the newspaper will take. Its distribution becomes a criminal offence," said Yushkov.He said: with regard to the closure of the newspaper "the Star", she is not threatened due chronological things for termination of existence, the publication had to receive at least two warnings per year. A warning for posting the article Yushkova will not affect the functioning of the newspaper due to the fact that followed since time was not issued other warnings.Recall that the regional Prosecutor's office became interested in Roman Uskowi after publication in the newspaper "the Star" on July 19, 2013 article "Hysteria in the Pugachev". Representatives of agencies found in her public calls to extremist activities."Experts FSB revealed in the text Yushkova "negative evaluation of the behaviour of the representatives of the Caucasus in Russia: they behave as occupiers intensive use of violence against the Russians, and this behavior is estimated in the national environment as a natural". In addition, in the published text of the detected components of the negative attitudes towards representatives of the peoples of the Caucasus", in addition Uskowi "representatives of the peoples of the Caucasus are characterized as bearing a threat to the safety of local residents".In addition to the examination of the FSB regional Prosecutor's office relies on the dissenting opinion of a member of the Scientific Advisory Council at the Department of Roskomnadzor in Perm Krai Professor PSUNR Valeria Maslanova. Professor of classical University Mishlanov in his opinion for the FSB wrote that "the article has statements that incite national hatred: the negative attitude to the representatives of the Chechen community" and "direct incitement of illegal activity," - said Roman Yushkov in his blog.In the investigative authority of the FSB of Russia in Perm region against Roman Yushkova opened a criminal case under article "Public calls to extremist activities performed with the use of media or information and telecommunication networks, including the Internet" (including 2 tbsp. 280 of the criminal code). The responsibility for this article threatens Uskova by imprisonment for up to five years.Roman Yushkov known in Perm as a journalist, human rights activist.

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