In Yekaterinburg the traffic police continue to struggle with "dangerous" slides. Found two more

In Yekaterinburg the traffic police continue to struggle with In Yekaterinburg during the RAID, which was held yesterday, inspectors of traffic police identified the dangerous rays located on the street Shchorsa street and Winter.As have informed in the press service of the MOI for the Sverdlovsk region, the residents reported finding two dangerous rays in the yard of house # 103 on the street Shchorsa. They complained that formed during purification grader yard area two snowy shaft used by children as slides.Another dangerous slope was found at the entrance to the ski complex "Uktus". During the examination, the traffic police saw 8-year-old boy on elegance rolled down the mountain, where on the way he was trying to grandma. Rays taken by the police to specifically control and soon will be eliminated.Recall that on December 8 at Yekaterinburg conducted preventive action "Slide", whose main goal is to survey the streets and yards in the presence of slides that are used by children for skiing, often risking their lives, as the slope of these hills out on the road.From residents of the city traffic police received 9 information about the dangerous rays that have been eliminated. Information about dangerous roller coaster, you can call the traffic police, Ekaterinburg phone: 263-19-09.

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  • Manturov: it is Difficult to find the dividing line between the civil sector and producing military products
  • Emergency on mine in Kushva: the question about helping families
  • Expert: the Development of its own oil block will help Russian companies to undertake the development of shale deposits
  • The militia occupied the first floor of the new terminal at Donetsk airport
  • The court sentenced dumencu, who pitched four cars and reported the theft of his car
  • Kosachev: terrorist Attacks in Paris could have been avoided
  • In Yekaterinburg detained alleged hijackers at physicians ambulance
  • Surgeon: Orange animal is already sharpening his teeth on our country
  • In Yekaterinburg ice town was visited by 230 thousand people. The closing will take place next week
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