Poachers in the Tyumen region for the year illegally hunted 98 ROE, 20 elk and 15 wild boars

Poachers in the Tyumen region for the year illegally hunted 98 ROE, 20 elk and 15 wild boarsIn the Tyumen region in 2014 was initiated 268 criminal cases against poachers and black lumberjack".Thus, in the region violators of the law were exterminated 98 ROE, 20 elks, 15 boars caught 64 Siberian sturgeon, listed in the Red book. The damage from these actions amounted to more than 8 million rubles "Black loggers in the Tyumen region destroyed 855 birches, 637 pines, 371 aspen total cost of more than 232 million rublesAs told in the press service of the regional Prosecutor's office, according to the results of investigation in courts prosecutors spent more than 100 criminal cases, some of them have already been addressed.So, Sorokin district court sentenced two local residents for illegal hunting on two Siberian ROE deer fines in the amount of 110 and 115 thousand rubles, respectively. In addition, the poachers had to compensate the nature of the damages in the total amount of 160 thousand.

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  • Surgeon: Orange animal is already sharpening his teeth on our country
  • The Governor of the Novosibirsk region commented on the scandalous case of the sale of municipal apartments: the Money goes into the budget
  • Driving cars, which bent the traffic lights in the centre of Chelyabinsk, was the ex-mayor Vyacheslav Tarasov
  • The number of unemployed in Chelyabinsk has grown significantly in December 2014
  • France police does not blame the detained Russians in the preparation of terrorist acts
  • "Gazprom" suing "UTair" 117 million rubles
  • In Serov social worker robbed an 81-year-old pensioner
  • The head of the Mound will communicate with residents by phone
  • The head of the interior Ministry of the Republic of Mari El has shot himself in the office
  • Road service of Chelyabinsk are preparing to heavy snowfall and plus temperatures