American expert: Russia replaces USA

American expert: Russia replaces USAThe American political scientist Jonathan Eidelman says that the U.S. is losing global leadership. However, for the vacant position claimed by Russia - it has no American problems, and it is ready to support countries on all continents.Professor at Denver University Jonathan Eidelman in an article in the Global Post says that America, which played a key role in the creation of NATO, the IMF, the world Bank and the Marshall plan, which supported the creation of the European Union, many decades dominated the middle East, Latin America, Europe and in much of Asia, is losing its global leadership. And replaced Russia survived the collapse of the USSR, under the pressure of Western sanctions and economic crisis.In the article he cites a number of aspects, which seemed to show that Russia is not a place on the global stage. In economic terms it is under sanctions, under pressure from falling oil prices, and its GDP is about 12% of U.S. and roughly equal to Canada. Russia missed the opportunity to modernize the economy, the agricultural revolution, the restructuring of exports of high-tech products, but behind the facade of democracy is hiding the corrupt and authoritarian regime. The ideological agenda of conservative nationalism does not find such foreign support, as was the USSR - from Cuba and Italy to China and Vietnam. Demographically, the population has decreased by half from the population of the USSR.As with all of this we can understand the revival of Russia, asks the Professor and himself is responsible.The United States has to bear the burden of responsibility for many of the world's problems and to recognize their inability to continue to influence the processes in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, but all these problems there is no Russia.If the position of global leader is vacant, then who is able to take it, asks the author of the article. The European powers are still in the captivity of American influence, the EU itself has become unmanageable community. This Asian giants like China and India, yet superpowers, they will move on this way for several decades, the article says.At the same time, Russia is free from external influence. Policy of its leadership finds support among elites in many countries of the world, especially in the middle East (Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Israel), Asia (India, Vietnam) and Latin America (Venezuela, Argentina), argues the author."Old alliances, hardened in the cold war, welcomed Russia's return to a familiar role.

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