Medvedev: the Ruble will remain freely convertible currency

Medvedev: the Ruble will remain freely convertible currencyRussian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said the policy of the Central Bank the right and rejected the idea of abandoning free convertibility of the national currency, the correspondent .According to him, this measure will revive the "black market" exchange and will contribute to the consistent destruction of the market. He said that the Central Bank is doing everything right and declared the inviolability of foreign exchange reserves: "We are not going to spend foreign exchange reserves and we have enough economic mechanisms to ensure the stability of the ruble".Medvedev said that the country would have a positive balance, even in bad conditions.The Central Bank and the government is doing everything right, but the main reason is total distrust and myths about Russia as the enemy of civilization. In the economy intervened policy, Medvedev said. Now Russia pays for globalization, being at the intersection of several crises, triggered by three main factors: consequences of the decline of 2008, external economic and political effects and internal problems.

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  • Surgeon: Orange animal is already sharpening his teeth on our country
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  • Driving cars, which bent the traffic lights in the centre of Chelyabinsk, was the ex-mayor Vyacheslav Tarasov
  • The number of unemployed in Chelyabinsk has grown significantly in December 2014
  • France police does not blame the detained Russians in the preparation of terrorist acts
  • "Gazprom" suing "UTair" 117 million rubles
  • In Serov social worker robbed an 81-year-old pensioner
  • The head of the Mound will communicate with residents by phone
  • The head of the interior Ministry of the Republic of Mari El has shot himself in the office
  • Road service of Chelyabinsk are preparing to heavy snowfall and plus temperatures