Vsevolod Chaplin strayed from the "Echo of Moscow: Stalin was both good and bad, and HSE richer ROC

Vsevolod Chaplin strayed from the Archpriest, Chairman of the Synodal Department for relations between the Church and society Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin once said in an interview with the chief editor of "Echo of Moscow Alexei Venediktov Stalin's role in Russian history, the meaning of the USSR and the problems of relations between the authorities and opposition."Time is changed in the direction in which we wanted to change it back when we were an informal Christian youth in 81-82 year. The Soviet government was defeated not only by us and not we, but we figured out how to do it. And will think of and following the historical process, and the following historical era," began the priest.Despite the fact that the era of the Soviet Union, according to Chaplin, "cost the country a century of history practically, in the figure of Stalin, in his words, "good and bad"."Thought, catching the movement of people's souls, it is, of course, stronger than any ruler. And wise ruler, a cunning ruler, effective ruler will adapt to it. He (the ruler - approx. must understand the will of the people and try what is called to lead. Even Stalin went this way," said Chaplin.According to him, "all other brighter personality in his age - Trotsky, there, or Bukharin", lost because they tried to break the will of the people."It needs to hear, to try to Express. To lead or not to lead for the tenth case," said the priest.The will of the people, which caught Stalin, in the opinion of the priest was to "restore the place of the Church in the life of the country".Very gently, very slowly, but he did, " said the priest.Interlocutor Vsevolod Chaplin - editor "Echo Moscow" objected saying that Stalin killed a lot of priests". What the priest said that many priests under Stalin had not died for the faith, and "defending outdated political positions"."These mass repression, they are in fact largely destroyed those who gave birth. Yes, at this time many were killed Christians, many were killed priests and religious, but not accidentally, many remained. I don't think that Stalin had a plan to completely destroy faith in the people and to destroy the Church. Trotsky, most likely, such a plan was. The Bukharin - can be. In some Enukidze is possible. I think that Stalin " no," said ChaplinThe responses of expected priest led the conversation toward "hours of the Patriarch, the wealth and luxury of the ROC, in response to what the father Vsevolod gently hinted Venediktova that the Church is poorer at the Higher school of Economics and other universities system."I mean these universities system, where people get a big enough salary, where there are hundreds, if not thousands of existing staff," said Archpriest."In General, social systems are based on either theology, or some other great doctrines, whether the doctrine... of the market," said father Vsevolod.After that the priest had to answer the question "why do you obscurantist", then he gently rebuked the Russian media."We somehow struggle servile opinion in relation to power and a pleasant view towards the West. People who stand on the side of the opposition, is usually very uncritical attitude to the fact that today criticize all left and a large part of the liberals, that is, supporters of the Western economic system. That's really need more independent voices that would offer different development scenarios for Russia. From a socialist to a monarchy. From the hard route West to the absolute independence and a new global project, alternative a global project. Our confrontation with the authorities and the opposition, it is too narrow-minded about any trivial things.

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A new round of talks on the Syrian conflict led by Russia, Turkey and Iran were set to begin on February 15.

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