"Russia brazenly began the conquest of Siberia and the Arctic. The Spaniards made a film about the Nadym

The creative group TVE of Spain made a documentary about the Nadym for analytical transmission "En Portada" ("home"). In the film, called "La conquista de Siberia" ("the Conquest of Siberia"), is the analogy between the development of Siberia and Russia's conquest of the Wild West America. The film crew from hot country experienced severe Yamal climate, "the complex life of local people, impressed by the extent of gas production and the state highway 501, correspondent .The filmmakers claim that "the colonization of Siberia became a strategic priority for President Vladimir Putin. "Russia conquers the Arctic as the United States conquered the Wild West in the 19th century. From this achievement depends on the formation of Russia's status as a superpower for decades to come," reads the description of the film on the website of the company.The Spaniards were attracted by the inaccessibility of the strategically important town of Nadym. "In the U.S. this area is considered the main on the planet for its huge reserves of energy resources in the subsoil and, especially, countless lines, which give the gas flow, warming up to half of Europe. Because the scope of the Nadym - forbidden zone for foreigners," says crew.However, conditions in the Nadym was for foreigners unacceptable: too cold. But this does not detract from the desire of the Russians to move to the North for work in Gazprom, has astonished the Spaniards. "Nadym uninhabitable. 55 degrees below zero is impossible to imagine, but then settle young families who go to work in Gazprom. Then their life becomes more comfortable," explains seen correspondent TVE Jose Guardiola.The film shows local residents, who say that, despite all the difficulties, contented life in Nadym, technology gas production on one of the fields, balanced criticism of the "Greenpeace" and "Dead road" - unfinished railway No. 501 times of the Gulag."In principle, the idea of the conquest of Siberia is not new. It tried to make one of the great monsters of the twentieth century. Joseph Stalin started the construction of the railway line, which was to be held parallel to the Arctic circle. Now a cluster of twisted iron and sleepers. Visionary project was forged by the tens of thousands of Gulag prisoners. One of them, Yuri Fidelholtz, is the main hero of the conquest of Siberia", - stated in the description.A former prisoner of the Gulag Yuri Fidelholtz told Spanish journalists personal memories of working on the highway.At the end of the film the Spanish conclude that what has not been achieved by Stalin highway construction, guided now by investing in the development of Siberia and the Arctic."Over time, we learn what was not known before. Russia brazenly began the conquest of Siberia and the Arctic. Not only to win her almost infinite energy resources, but also to ensure that Gazprom necessary employees.

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  • "Russia brazenly began the conquest of Siberia and the Arctic. The Spaniards made a film about the Nadym