In Ekaterinburg will host the "I Donbass""

In Ekaterinburg will host the In Yekaterinburg, January 31 at 13.00 the action starts, "I Donbass" correspondent . The relevant information is posted in the social network "Vkontakte". The event will be held in the district of Lenin and Vojvodina in Yekaterinburg, next scheduled protesters March through the historic square to the U.S. Consulate on Gogolya 15A, where will be held the picket.It is worth noting that the rally will be held in accordance with article 7 of the Federal law 54 "On assemblies, meetings, demonstrations, processions and picketing", the organizers will notify the administration of the city the day before.The goal of this event is to Express public stance against American imperialism, to show the universal disapproval of the Russian public in the address action #JeSuisCharlie, and also to prevent the ideas of the West to distract world attention from the mass murder of the people and to provide moral support to the residents of Novorossia and call Poroshenko to stop the killings of civilians in the South-East of Ukraine.The initiators launched in the Internet space, the preparatory part of the action, which for nearly two weeks will shape public opinion on the subject, "I don't Sharlee - I Donbass".January 31, wishing to Express his position personally, will gather at the Yekaterinburg "Stone of love".We emphasize that the activists are urging residents and material assistance. "We are preparing sincere, unprecedented for Ural event, which will see all of Russia and not only (this will make sure 100%). However, we're both independent people with citizenship, not adjacent to any party, movement, lobby. In the manufacture of all symbols will take about 70-80 thousand.

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