At Donetsk airport remained Ukrainian fighters - defense DND

At Donetsk airport remained Ukrainian fighters - defense DNDOn the territory of Donetsk International airport to them. Sergei Prokofiev was not one Ukrainian strongman. The last ten Ukrainian servicemen left the area about an hour ago, reports Donetsk news Agency with reference to the Ministry of defence DND."The Ukrainian military is no longer in the new airport terminal. They left their position and left, realizing the hopelessness of further resistance," - said the Agency interlocutor.Thus, said the Ministry of defence, now Donetsk airport and its surrounding area are under the full control of the militia DND.

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  • Surgeon: Orange animal is already sharpening his teeth on our country
  • The Governor of the Novosibirsk region commented on the scandalous case of the sale of municipal apartments: the Money goes into the budget
  • Driving cars, which bent the traffic lights in the centre of Chelyabinsk, was the ex-mayor Vyacheslav Tarasov
  • The number of unemployed in Chelyabinsk has grown significantly in December 2014
  • France police does not blame the detained Russians in the preparation of terrorist acts
  • "Gazprom" suing "UTair" 117 million rubles
  • In Serov social worker robbed an 81-year-old pensioner
  • The head of the Mound will communicate with residents by phone
  • The head of the interior Ministry of the Republic of Mari El has shot himself in the office
  • Road service of Chelyabinsk are preparing to heavy snowfall and plus temperatures