Cause heavy smoke near the plant of the industrial equipment in Yekaterinburg became the fire debris

Cause heavy smoke near the plant of the industrial equipment in Yekaterinburg became the fire debrisMain Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Sverdlovsk region commented on the incident in the area in the First five-year plan in Yekaterinburg. As it turned out, the fire was not on the territory of industrial plant equipment, as suggested by the witnesses. Blame was burning trash, correspondent .Recall, according to eyewitnesses, today in the area 14.00 on building Engineering, 19 showed a strong smoke. Witnesses of the incident suggested that the fire occurred at the plant industrial equipment.As reported in the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in Sverdlovsk region, the cause of the smoke was burning trash. The message about the fire was received at 13.44, in 13.53 fire was localized, and at 14.00 completely extinguished. On the place were three vehicles and 11 personnel. Read more -->

The situation around the "Leviathan": the CIA recalled that contributed to the publication of Pasternak's novel "Doctor Zhivago""

The situation around the on 15 January, the day before the event "Marshall Plan for the mind" on the participation of the Central intelligence Agency of the USA in support of the books of famous writers in Russian during the cold war, on the official website of the CIA in Twitter published the words of Boris Pasternak: "I wrote a novel for the fact that it was published and read and it remains my only desire".Thus representatives of the CIA once again reminded of the fact that more than half a century ago contributed to the publication of Pasternak's novel "Doctor Zhivago", reports in April of last year, the American edition of the Washington Post published a declassified memo from the CIA in 1958, according to which, the CIA secretly participated in the first publication of the novel by Boris Pasternak's "Doctor Zhivago" in the Russian language in connection with the "huge propaganda value of the book.". . . . . . Read more -->

In the Sverdlovsk region laureates award "student of the year""

In the Sverdlovsk region laureates award Minister of physical culture, sport and youth policy of the Sverdlovsk region Leonid Rapoport took part in the ceremony of the regional award "student of the year"."You're smart, beautiful, brave, you write the future not only of the Sverdlovsk region, but also throughout Russia. Today's ceremony proves once again that student life interesting, exciting, and most importantly - it is an investment in your future successful career," said Minister Leonid Rapoport.Award "student of the year" was established in Sverdlovsk region in 2011 on the initiative of the Association of trade Union organizations of universities, Ministry of physical culture, sport and youth policy and the regional Federation of trade unions.As reported in the Department of information policy of the Governor, for the three previous years award nominated 250 students from 15 universities. The prize was awarded to 30 students. Last year the contest was declared 57 nominees, results in studies, science, sports, art and social life of twelve universities.Winners of the award "student of the year-2015 are: students of Ural Federal University - graduate Institute of physical culture, sport and youth policy of Anton Belov and a fifth-year student of Physical-technological Institute Andrei Yahorau in the nomination "Socially significant activities" and "Professional skills", students of the Ural state medical University Grand Irina and met Vladimir in the categories of "Art" and "Grand Prix", students of the Russian state professional pedagogical University Daria Sergeeva and Stanislav Patrushev in the categories "Scientific-technical creativity and teaching and research activities" and "sportsmanship", Elena Skachkova - graduate first year of the Institute of pedagogy and psychology of childhood Ural state pedagogical University became the winner in the nomination "Social activities", Elena Kamynina a fourth-year student of Institute of Economics, Ural state economic University became the winner of the "student of the year" in the nomination "Information activities"". . . Read more -->

In Serov social worker robbed an 81-year-old pensioner

In Serov social worker robbed an 81-year-old pensionerNear Serov social worker robbed a pensioner. Estimated Hranitelnica stole 81-year-old man 40 thousand rubles guilt, the intruder has already acknowledged, and the damage is compensated.As have informed in the press service of the MIA of Russia in Sverdlovsk region, on the eve of the duty of the it was reported that 81-year-old resident of the village of Petrova, located 70 km from Serov, took 40 thousand rubles To establish all the circumstances of the accident at the scene went investigative team of the police. As was established in the course of investigative measures, to the theft of funds can be a part of 23-year-old social worker.As it turned out, the girl came and assisted the man with chores piled firewood, washing dishes, buying products. His guilt from Sverdlovsk fully acknowledged. It turned out that all the episodes, and there were six, the young woman made in the period from 13 to 27 December last year.The victim stated that kept money in the pocket of a jacket hanging among other clothes over the stove. One guest remarked in his pocket thousands bills. Read more -->

In the Middle Urals will be early elections: a new Chapter will elect in Karpinsk

In the Middle Urals will be early elections: a new Chapter will elect in KarpinskIn the Sverdlovsk region will be early elections of the head of the municipality. A new Chapter this year will be elected in Karpinsk. Elections will be held in April.As reported in the regional election Commission, in connection with the early termination of powers of Sergei Bidenko, Duma Karpinsk at its meeting held the day before, took the decision on the appointment of early elections of the head. Elections will be held on April 5 and will be the first on the territory of the Middle Urals in the new year.Recall, Sergey Bidenko took a chair to the head of Nakhodka city district in 2013. His powers were terminated on 12 December in connection with the appointment to the post of Deputy Minister of construction and housing and communal complex of Sverdlovsk region. Temporary performance of duties of the head was assigned to the first Deputy Victor Wecker.Organization and holding of elections of the head assigned to the Karpinskaya city territorial electoral Commission and the 19 precinct election commissions formed in the territory of Nakhodka city district. Read more -->

The baptismal font of the Tyumen region bathed more than 19 thousand people

The baptismal font of the Tyumen region bathed more than 19 thousand peopleIn the Tyumen region as at this morning in the baptismal font bathed more than 19 thousand people. This was reported in the press center of the regional EMERCOM."The work of the MES is not limited to round-the-clock duty on organized fonts. Employees GIMS, FPS and rescuers conduct regular patrols of water bodies to identify unauthorized fonts. These bathing areas not identified," said the Department.Security on organized fonts in the Tyumen region provide 258 rescuers and the rescuers. Involved 84 units of special equipment, including snowmobiles and watercraft.The feast of the Baptism continues. Chief Directorate of the MES of Russia for Tyumen region recommends to make Epiphany bathing only in organized places. Read more -->

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