Sienko: the Policy of the Central Bank is killing the industry

Sienko: the Policy of the Central Bank is killing the industryThe policy of the Central Bank leads to the fact that the industry may go, said the General Director of "Uralvagonzavod" Oleg Sienko. Ural enterprise at rates on loans in 27-32% annual lost all consumers in the wagon segment is not to stop production, UVZ will deliver cars to their captive companies, told Sienko in an interview with RBC.According to him, UVZ, together with the Ministry of industry and trade has developed its own proposals, which will be sent to MinFin and the Ministry of economy."Oversees this work Dmitry Rogozin, who will report to the President of our position. We proposed to create a mechanism for the issuance of bonds by the Central Bank to the banks they were charged. We believe that the rates greater than 9% is murder. If the state decapitalized banks, it should decapitalizing and enterprises with state participation. The task of production for the state has not been canceled, and the mechanisms everything changed. Read more -->

Western scientist: the Alliance will be dissolved, with the Empire of Washington will be gone

Western scientist: the Alliance will be dissolved, with the Empire of Washington will be goneRussia has enough cards in the sleeve to play the geopolitical game so that political and economic structure of the Western world will be broken, says the political scientist Paul Craig Roberts. In his article in the journal Foreign Policy Journal, he writes that if Russia wants answers on arranged her economic war, it can simply turn off gas to the countries-members of NATO, and then the Alliance will disappear, because Europe without Russian gas will not survive.Russia, "tired of stealing Ukraine natural gas, running through its territory to Europe, decides to send gas to Turkey, bypassing Ukraine", says Paul Craig Roberts. "Russian energy Minister confirmed this and added that if European countries want to get Russian gas, they must create the infrastructure or to hold the gas in their country," writes political scientist, noting that this solution is not currently facing Europe cessation of gas supplies, however, makes it theoretically possible in the future.And the violent reaction which is caused in Europe news about redistribution Russia gas flows, suggests that the analyst considers that Russia has many trump that she could play to break down political and financial architecture of the Western world. Another factor, which is able in the future to hit US hegemony is the Union of the two superpowers - Russia and China - said the expert.In his opinion, they are not thrown on the table their cards, because they believe that as long as this is not needed. Russia and China just create alternative financial institutions to leave the sphere of influence of the Western financial system. "We should be grateful that Vladimir Putin and the leaders of the Chinese government in a reasonable and humane, unlike their Western colleagues," says Roberts."Imagine, for example, the terrible consequences for the West, if Putin directly respond to insults and Russia itself. Read more -->

KamAZ Nikolaev won a stage of the Dakar rally, despite the broken wheel

KamAZ Nikolaev won a stage of the Dakar rally, despite the broken wheelThe crew of the Russian team KAMAZ-master" running Eduard Nikolaev won the tenth stage of the rally-marathon "Dakar" in the truck category.Second behind in 49 seconds overcame 358-kilometre special stage his teammate Ayrat Mardeev. The third was the Belarus Sergei Vasovic on the "MAZ" ( 1.19).Other crews of the KAMAZ-master" - Andrey Karginov and Dmitry Sotnikov took 14th and 18th place, respectively.Nikolaev became the winner of the stage, despite the loss of time due to broken closer to the finish line wheels. To change the wheel and had the crew Sotnikova, the press service of the team.Stage passed between the Chilean city of Calama and the Argentine city of Salta in the foothills of the Andes at elevations of 4,500 meters, which was an additional challenge for sports equipment. Low atmospheric pressure caused the loss of power and overheating engines.In the overall standings leader Mardeev's crew, ahead of closest pursuer Nikolaev 13 minutes 21 seconds. . . Read more -->

In the sky above the Novosibirsk aviation group "Falcons of Russia" work out the elements of a complex aerobatics

In the sky above the Novosibirsk aviation group Today over Novosibirsk aviation group aerobatics "Falcons of Russia" work out the elements of a complex aerobatics. As reported in the press service of the AOC, the pilots are preparing for a unique Airshow, which will be held on January 24, on the Bank of the river Ob in the city of Barnaul.Flight crews on the su-27 and su-30CM training in carrying of items such as "loop", "Loop", "barrel", "dissolution" and other pieces in the group composition and alone.In addition, pilots of combat helicopters Mi-24 and transport assault Mi-8amtsh helicopter-train carriage flags on the external load, and a modern fighter-interceptor MiG-BM and front-line bomber su-24M work out the elements of a single class. . . . . Read more -->

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  • Western scientist: the Alliance will be dissolved, with the Empire of Washington will be gone
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