The junta made himself a laughingstock, protesting Moscow because of the teachings of naval aviation in the Crimea

The junta made himself a laughingstock, protesting Moscow because of the teachings of naval aviation in the CrimeaThe Ministry of foreign Affairs of the junta sent a note of protest to Russia in connection with carrying out large-scale exercises of the naval aviation of the black sea fleet (BSF) of the Russian Federation on the territory of Crimea. This was announced by the speaker of the foreign Ministry of the junta Eugene perebeynos, reports news portal DND.According to him, the junta considers these exercises "as a continuation of armed aggression against Ukraine"."In this regard, on the 26th of January, we sent to the Russian side of the corresponding note of protest," he said at a briefing on Tuesday.The foreign Ministry of the junta are convinced that the teachings of the black sea fleet of the Russian Federation are a continuation statements December 15 last year, the head of the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov "about the alleged right of Russia to deploy nuclear weapons in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine"."Such actions are a violation of the UN Charter, the Agreement between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on the status and conditions of stay of the Russian black sea fleet on the territory of Ukraine", - said perebeynos.In this regard, the junta demands Moscow "immediate explanations of military activity on the territory of the Crimea and Sevastopol, as well as "the cessation of illegal acts, provide certified assurances that such illegal activity will not be repeated, and the total damages caused by the wrongful behavior of Russia", - said the head of the foreign Ministry of the junta.Naval aviation black sea fleet began to perform combat training flights on the ground "Opuk in the Crimea on January 23. It was planned that the tasks in the sky will solve up to 15 aircraft and helicopters, which should run about 50 flights.In particular, the flights with the execution of the bombing and shooting unguided rockets worked front-line bomber su-24. As reported by the acting. . . Read more -->

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